Grassfed Lamb

Our lambs are born and raised exclusively on pasture here on the ranch. They receive:

  • No Grain
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Hormones
  • No Dewormers

And we don't use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides on the ranch. These lambs thrive on simply grass, minerals, water, and sunshine!

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Our Proccess

The flock is frequently rotated to fresh multi-species grass paddocks creating a delicious, mild, clean, and nutrient dense meat.

Additionally, the breed of sheep we raise is Dorper sheep, which are a HAIR sheep breed and not a WOOL breed. This means they shed their coat every year on their own. More importantly, it means the meat is NOT "gamey" and doesn't have the "mutton" that sometimes exists with the Wool breeds. Dorpers have much less lanolin from the wool, which can create this off-flavor. This provides a much more mild and delicious eating experience.

Our lambs are typically processed at or before 6 months of age, weighing somewhere between 90 and 120 lbs - live weight.

Purchase Options

Whole Lambs - $425. A whole lamb will include at least 35 to 45 lbs of packaged meat.
Half Lambs - $225. A half lamb will include at least 18 to 22 lbs of packaged meat.
This pricing listed above includes the cost of custom processing. Customer responsible for pick up from the processor in Northern Utah.
We typically sell our lambs months in advance with a $100 deposit for whole lambs or a $75 deposit for a half lamb. You can pay your deposit via the links above.
Please call or email us directly at the form below to be updated on when the next lambs will be available.

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